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Uzube is a video and photo sharing platform for Kidz, Teens, and Adults targeted at the Creatives Micro Video Social Community. The Gen Z+Alpha Uzube is designed to provide a safe creative environment for 'U' the Uzuber. Uzube is the place for 'U' to find inspiration. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced creator in your chosen field, interest, or subject, Uzube lets you share your experiences and ideas with your fellow creators. With unique channels for Kidz, Teens, and Adults, Uzube allows you to interact with the people with whom you want to share your content. Uzube social media platform increases your visibility and makes it easier than ever for your followers to find you.


After discovering a unique Gap in the online platform market place existed Michael realised that the focus should be on talented individuals, groups and businesses and therefore Uzube was created to bring together talents and business of all descriptions where the individuals and communities could flourish easily and develop creative environments together in a shared vision within age target channels..

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Uzube provides a platform for creative talents, entrepreneurs, influencers, groups, media publishers and businesses, to share their talents and creative avenues for monetization. The main aim is to offer a global solution of creative dialogue with shared expression in a positive environment where the Uzuber can identify easily an arena where their talents can be encouraged and supported.

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    Our Vision

    For Uzubers all around the world, the platform encourages creativity, ideas, and personal or business sharing of inspiration. Uzube was created with 'U' in mind, offering 'U' a fully unique platform to express your artistic creativity. Uzube provides a UNIQUE dedicated targeted age differentiator space where you can be discovered within your chosen category rather than being flooded with conflicting and irrelevant content, allowing 'U' to become a lot more relevant to your audience.

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    Our Mission

    Uzube aims to be a comprehensive platform where people of all ages can feel protected while contributing to society. In an era where the internet is filled with political ambiguity, Uzube offers a truly unique space in its creative micro video/picture sharing social community platform, where creators of all artistic endeavours can share, be shared, and be discovered, instantly combining their ideas and creativity into a micro-video up to one minute and photo uploads.

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If you have innovative ideas, no matter what they are, you can post and share them, and now you can even get investors and supporters for them! Uzube is powered by creativity, which encourages people to grow as individuals, groups, and businesses by sharing unique ideas in a secure and creative environment.