Uzube Group Limited Terms of Use 

Welcome to Uzube (Uzube Group Ltd) KEMP HOUSE 160 CITY ROAD LONDON EC1V 2NX when using our service you are agreeing to our full terms and conditioned provided in this agreement which can be like to change and updated. Our Policy is valid from 1st May 2022. 

Uzube Use Policy
We ask you to abide by our rules and terms of usage and service. When using our service failure to abide by our terms and policy rule may result in the termination or suspension of your account. This may result in ending your account. It is possible that legal action may be taken against you or associated parties if any matter is considered serious enough to report to authorities. 

2. Third Parties Agreement
[2.1 Uzube is a Micro Video sharing platform where users (members) may use services offering classified sales. As a subscriber or user of Uzube you will be responsible for content you upload including and not withstanding limitations of use while communicating with other parties buying or selling goods.

[2.2] Uzube is an intermediary and does not become involved in financial transactions of any Sale of goods on the platform other than promotional advertising for private or corporate business . Our services are limited to providing services for third party users, subscription based services, premium memberships, promotional advertising for private and business users.

3. User Registration Guarantee
When registering with Uzube you (the user) accepts our terms of registration and agree to provide accurate information which is accurate in order for your account to be useable. Uzube requires that you (the user) notify our Uzube platform, update or provide any relevant or circumstantial information in order to continue to use the Uzube platform. 

3.1 Should you (the user) wish to remove, delete or close your account you may do so by contacting our support team Link to team query box and notifying us of our intention to end your agreement where the user may cease with this agreement at any time after notification sending an email to end membership or services. No refunds will be made on any transaction for membership, subscription or services provided which have been paid for in advance by you (the user). The terms of our services are based on daily or monthly services offered as per Uzube agreement. Uzube reserves the right to terminate, block or report your account for misappropriation. User membership to our service is via signup and confirmation from Uzube that you have successfully signed up as a user of Uzube platform.

3.2 Uzube reserves the right to reject, cancel or otherwise terminate a user account should it consider that the account is misrepresented, does not confirm to our standards policy, is illegal and or attempts to circumvent customs, taxation legal representations or mislead others (users) circumventing legitimate standard user practice. 

3.3 Any account which is not used within a period of 6 months will be terminated, deleted or removed unless requested by you (the user) for the account to remain active. We reserve the right to reject applications to keep an account active for non-use.

4. Lawful Advertising on Uzube 
4.1 When advertising on Uzube the user will be entirely responsible for content used for advertising. The user MUST provide clear and accurate information within the advertisement, making clear representation of the product or service being offered. Uzube reserves all rights to remove any misleading advertisement or promotion of illegal, unlawful, harmful, deceptive advertisements. Uzube reserves the right to report any advertisement that is deemed to be illegal in any capacity whatsoever, where hard, danger, financial loss or other damage may be caused by the user having used Uzube services. Any corporate or business advertisers must inform customers, of their legal rights and consumer rights on contact for services that they provided within any legal context, warranty, guarantee, or any such protection covered under the current consumer rights act within your location.

4.2 Our terms must not be violated in any capacity. Uzube forbids content to be posted which violated any local or applicable law either in jurisdiction or product which governs rights of third parties including rights of individuals.

5. NOT TO:
5.1 Violate any Laws
•    Distribute, share any abusive, obscene, defamatory, hateful information Share or disseminate false, misleading, inaccurate, unsound material in any manner Intentionally infringe any third-party right;
•    Encourage Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, spam or other scams
•    Create, promote, share virus sharing technology,
•    Interfere, delve, control, manipulate or otherwise cause harm to Uzube servers or associated servers
•    Share, post, distribute, manipulate, duplicate or represent Uzube content or any content on our servers, websites and APPS
•    To use bots, spy software, crawlers, gathering technology and or gather information not limited to users personal data, emails, telephone numbers or personal information of users of Uzube servers, websites and APPS
•    Use, infringe, share, collect, re-edit, change, copy, manipulate trademarks or associate copyright material on Uzube
•    Harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent;
•    Block, gain access, restrict, interrupt, manipulate access to Uzube platform or Uzube services or associated activities including but not limited to plugins, crawlers, software, functionalities, duplication or changes thereof Uzube platform, Websites or Apps.
•    Promote violence, aggression, assertive, unlawful activity
•    Sell arms, weapons, poisons, restricted goods or activities of an unlawful nature

5.2   Restrict access or redirect access to Uzube
•    Use profanity, libellous, intrusive, manipulative, coercion, threats, demands, threats of violence and intimidation, blackmail or other illegal persuasions for personal gain.
•    Defame or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation, race, creed, ethnicity, gender, cultural identity, disability, religious beliefs or any other personal legal enjoyment of self-declaration of identity in any capacity whatsoever.
•    Promote any type of sexual activity for gain, monetary advancement or gratification via the sale of promotion of introduction of sexual, pornographic engagement.
•    Promote illegal activity of minors, children under age or of the age in any sexual exploitative act whatsoever of any nature.
•    To share adult, extreme images, videos, harmful images, videos containing illegal or legal material promoting sexual encounters of any nature whatsoever.
•    Uzube WILL provide the relevant legal authorities of such abuse when requested relevant to any enquiry or lawful investigation.

5.3 Uzube will notify you (the user) should any unintended infringement of our policy and terms and conditions be made with a view to removal of uploads of any nature whatsoever that do not comply with Uzube terms and conditions including usage of our websites, servers, Apps and any other facility which Uzube uses to promote its business activities.

6. Indemity
Having accessed and agree to Uzube terms and Conditions, user policy and other legal agreements  provided on Uzube, websites, Servers, Apps including but not limited to other servers related to Uzube, You agree to indemnify and hold Uzube, and its parent company where appropriate, subsidiaries, investors, directors, employees, from legal action, pursuit of claims for compensation arising out of third party activity.

6.1 Liabilities
Uzube does not and do not manually or automatically review posts. Uzube does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for posting or communications either on our server or via third party devices, arising in actions of or from sales, posts, offers on Uzube website, servers or Apps
i.    You acknowledge that there may be interruptions from time to time on our servers, platforms, Apps arising out of but not limited to power loss, legal upgrades, service, repairs or any other action to improve Uzube services to you (the user)
ii.    Uzube will offer no greater settlement in strict legal tort through negligence, loss, refund, or claim of any nature whatsoever, limited to the actual payment that was made for services rendered on Uzube Servers, websites, Apps limited to but no exceeding the service provided or premium features offered solely by Uzube with no claim arising via third party dissatisfaction, claims, warranties of third party activity.
iii.    Uzube does not accept any liability arising out of posting on Uzube platforms, servers, websites, APPS for abuse, threats, demands or any other coercive practices from third party users providing, offering, giving, selling, buying of such services.

7. Data Protection and Privacy 
a.    Uzube shall hold you personally responsible for the data which you provide to Uzube and its parent company, subsidiaries or associates. Singularly you will be responsible for all data provided by you (the user). Uzube does not accept joint data submission and in the singular capacity you (the user) will be responsible for such data submissions. Uzube will not be held liable for joint submissions of data uploaded on our servers.
b.    You (the user) or the company providing such data will comply with all legal data protection submissions, [including but not limited to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”]  - Data given or accessed from within the United Kingdoms will be subject to but not solely by the Data protection and control of the United Kingdom and can be reviewed as per Exit of the EU Any data you send or receive will be required to be removed where necessary from or on  our or your equipment when required to do so.  Transfer of personal data to third party users in not permitted.
c.    You access Uzube where data is stored and collected. You therefore agree to allow cookies, data setting and other data controls to be used for services provided to you (the user). Statistics, analysis and other activities are used and will be continued as long as you are using the services of Uzube, its parent company, subsidiaries and or its associates.

8. Disputes
Disputes arising out of use of Uzube services are best resolved by contacting Uzube directly informing us of issues relating to any direct or third party dispute. Uzube will not offer legal advice or legal services and will act accordingly to the dispute that has arisen. Uzube is limited to action as in our terms and conditions for abuse of use and service and Uzube shall not offer a resolution service between you (the user) and another (user). Our limitations will be to cancel any subscription form our services, cancel memberships – without refund where rules. Terms and conditions have been broken. We will Not under any circumstances offer compensation for loss arising out of third party sales, services or other third party activities. Uzube will not refund any payment made in error, by deceit, distortion of selling practice, corruption or any other reason other than refund where an error has been made for subscription based services within Uzube direct offerings.

8.1 Use of equipment
a.    Android or iOS apple. Users of iOS apple or Android are responsible for their own actions. Neither Uzube nor iOS Apple or Android are responsible for the content of the devices that is used during transmission. You accept that using the devices, you indemnify Uzube, iOS Apple or Android free of legal action whilst using the services of Uzube or its associated companies or claim consequential loss arising from and not limited to the use of your device.
b.    Windows – Microsoft Users of Windows Microsoft are responsible for their own actions. Neither Uzube nor Windows Microsoft are responsible for the content of the devices that is used during transmission. You accept that using the devices, you indemnify Uzube, Windows Microsoft free of legal action whilst using the services of Uzube or its associated companies or claim consequential loss arising from and not limited to the use of your device.

8.2 Third Party Rights
A.    Those who are not a party to this Agreement have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any Terms of Use. No right is affected or remedy of a third party specified in this Agreement or which exists or is available apart from that Act. 
B.    Intellectual property
C.    Uzube, its parent company, and associates own all intellectual property contained here within the platform(s) surviving you (the user) and must not be redistributed in any capacity whatsoever. No permission is granted to use intellectual copyright, data, trademarks, or other protected data from Uzube Platforms.

9. Limitations of Provision
A.    Uzube shall from time to time update, renew, change information, add or change services, or other offerings when applicable. Uzube servers, platforms, data collection services will continuously be updated with latest information and technological programming to allow Uzube to offer its services unhindered.
B.    Updates to our terms and conditions will continue when legally required where it is necessary to comply with governing rules and concisions of services in each country thereof, 
C.    Fees – Generally Uzube is free of charge for users unless the user requires premium services which shall only be applied to subscriptions and boosting’s within Uzube Platforms, websites and APPS only associated with Uzube. No other fees shall apply via third party consent or request. No fees shall apply for the sale of individual items other than expressly notified by Uzube in advance of any posting made by you (the user) of the Uzube platforms. Uzube reserves the right to change fees either higher or lower depending on promotion for subscriptions, boosting, promotion, premium VIP services or advertising at our discretion. No fee is fixed for life time.
D.    All payments are due for immediate payment on selection of the service provided. No credit will be given for services rendered, taken or used.
E.    Any fees other than stated in our Terms of agreement will be for immediate payment. If immediate payment is not received suspension, termination or closing of account will be activated without notice.
F.    Fees where applicable will be required no matter what currency will be used.

10. Refunds
A.    No reimbursement under any circumstances will be made for advertisements, subscriptions where the user has terminated their account or closed their account due to force majeure or where the personal or business activity has ceased.

11. Premium Account
A.    Premium accounts are available on selection for any user. No refunds will be made for partial use or closure of the account either by the individual (personal), business or Uzube
B.    Automatic renewals will part of Uzube feature for fee processing, either for 3 - 6 -12 months where appropriate.

12. Advertising rights
12.1 Uzube will have the right to amend, change or remove the advertisement subject to notification where required for legal reasons. Any changes to advertisement will be strictly under the rules applied including discussion with the advertisers. Charges will apply for such changes where necessary. Where the advertisement is non-compliant the advertisement will be removed without notice. Uzube shall reserve its right to publish advertisements on other websites, Apps, servers relating to Uzube and associates
1.    Transfer of Rights – The transfer of rights will be used where appropriate for any association for Uzube, its parent company, associations or partners. 
2.    Legal association between Uzube and you (the User) is governed under the law of the United Kingdom

13. Modern Slavery
Uzube endeavours to keep the moral value and supports the rejection of modern slavery in all forms. As Uzube develops we shall put resources into the responsibilities of combating modern slavery and exposing and reporting where appropriate to authorities the discovery of modern Slavery. No harm is intended by Squawki by offering our services to the user and all care is taken to perform our responsible duties with caution, care and consideration to the user. You are free to request all data is removed in relation to all legal matters where the content is in the public domain. Terms and Conditions may change at any time where updates will be made to existing platforms where our product is offered.

© Copyright 05/2022

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