Privacy Policy 2022

Uzube Group Limited registered office KEMP HOUSE 160 CITY ROAD LONDON EC1V 2NX United Kingdom Registered in England and Wales Company number 12601786

Uzube Group Ltd as described in this privacy Policy will use the name Uzube for all reference to Uzube Group Ltd will do it best to keep your information private and shall commit to protect your data while we have retention of such data

Scope of Privacy
This privacy notice shall apply to Uzube, its parent company (where applicable), subsidiaries and any related business associated with Uzube Group Ltd, Uzube and others relates to our Parent company (where applicable), subsidiaries and associated businesses.

Accessing Uzube
You are not legally required to access Uzube platforms in any capacity whatsoever. By accessing our platforms you will agree to our Terms and Conditions, User Policy and any other relevant legal provision of access sharing your data via cookies, data and basic personal information required by us in a legal capacity.

Uzube provides on sign up securities and protections for kids, teens and adult. Our 3 channel platform allows for sign up of age targeted groups allowing for parental guidance and control of minors/underage access. Using out original and unique access parents can control what their children can see. Kidz channel helps reduce the kidz digital identity and footprint allowing a safer creative social interaction. 

By default kidz (children) space is limited as to any interaction they can engage in with the online community which helps prevents abuse and exposure to unwanted content. The online social space has become part of everyone’s daily life and protection of kidz is paramount. We have limited the interactions kidz can make helping kidz learn and enjoy their new social space safely. Uzube has from the beginning taken a new step for kidz engagement into the world of social creative sharing. It is our policy to further introduce security and safety measures for all users of the Uzube platforms.

Personal Information We Collect 
Your personal information
Your personal information will be that which Identifies you as a citizen of any country, where you will be identified with a unique reference or identification number provided to you at birth, where you are naturally registered. Your identification must be that of original status and must not have been manipulated changed or altered in any way that is different from your original given identity from birth or where legally confirmed.

Social Media use
Uzube uses social media, including but not exclusively, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google and other social media platforms to promote our services and provisions of activity which you (the user) will use whilst accessing our platforms. Using these services will not affect your privacy whereby your data will not be used for such promotional activity.

How we use your Personal Information 
Generally we do not keep records of highly sensitive personal information and do not intend to use sensitive information for our promotional activity or use that sensitive information to send or offer services. We use your personal basic information to provide and improve our services, provide you with a personalized experience on our platforms, contact you about your account and our service updates, changes or offerings, provide customer service, provide you with personalized advertising and marketing, and to detect, prevent, mitigate and detect fraudulent or illegal activities. All data collected is done so while using our service.

Use of personal information 
When agreeing to our terms and conditions you will have the option to accept or decline our Terms and Conditions whereby agreeing to our terms you accept that we will use data and personal information according to our notified Terms and Conditions.

Rights of access to your personal information 
You have the right to request that we remove, delete and cease to process you data which you would have given permission to when signing up to our platforms. 
You may request that we remove data related to you.
You may request that any data we have about you should be removed.
Any dissemination of your data will be done as per Terms and Conditions of Uzube agreements you have agreed to.
Uzube will remove data when requested by you in writing.
You have rights to object to the processing of your data and you may request that we remove your data by writing to us.

Sharing personal information 
Uzube may share your personal information to others of interest where sharing of that information provides access to our services which confirms the use of our service to you (the user). We restrict the amount of data that we may share to legally promote our services, activities and to help with security. All data we handle is not sold to any third party and we maintain your data in strict confidence.

Retaining your Personal information 
Uzube retains your personal information for as long as necessary, whilst providing the services you have requested, or for other essential purposes such as complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes, technical matters, securing our platforms and enforcing our policies. 

We use cookies that are functional and necessary to provide Uzube services in full. Cookies are small encrypted text files that are stored on your device by a website. We use cookies to assist you experience and identify products you may use.
If you require further information you can visit
Choice of setting cookies is possible but some functions may not work correctly should you decide to not accept cookies where required.

Protecting Personal Information 
We will use all technological means to protect your data from unauthorised access. Any technology used is for protection of misuse of data which may be stolen, hijacked, crawled, hacked or otherwise obtained illegal.

Illegal postings by user/member/Subscriber
We may at any time remove without notice posting, advertising or any sharing of the user uploads or data upload/posting without notice. It is given that we shall terminate any user account where breach of our terms and conditions. Any dispute, appeal or request from Uzube to reinstate your account will be considered on the merits of the original abuse.

We shall remove report and take down any illegal material that is used for promotion to gain, take advantage, financially control, threaten, expose, distort or otherwise cause harm without notice. We shall block IP addresses where necessary for re-entry to our platforms if the content you have posted uploaded, advertised intentionally breaks our rules of Terms and Conditions. You have the right to refuse our services.

Contacting Uzube
You can contact us using on online contact form regarding any information you require where will shall respond and provide such information deemed appropriate in a confidential manner

Uzube shall review its User Policy from time to time; update its policy where legally appropriate. The current user policy was created 05/2022


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